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Tossing Pebbles in the Stream

This blog is my place to sit and toss pebbles into the stream. The stream of Life relentlessly passing before us. We can affect it little. For the most part I just watch it passing and follow the flow. Occasionally, I need to comment on its passing, tossing a pebble at it to enjoy the ripple affect upon Life's surface.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Thanks for your Concern. . . .But

My Internet service has been down since Friday so I am a little late in writing this.

I appreciate everyone's kind concern and encouraging words over the loss of my lovely dog, Gage.

I did not write that he was missing but that he was gone. I had decided he was not returning.

For several days, I looked everywhere for him. . .not that there are many places to look. I live in a place where there is only one road crossing the property, most of which I own. Gage was not a dog to wander off. He occasionally, would go into the bush across the road but never for long. Mostly he stayed around the house, not even going into the barn yard for he learned the electric fence would bite him. (If only my piglets would learn that lesson. ) Often he would just lie on the verandah or give his little quiet bark which meant he wanted to come in with the people.

I seldom went anywhere without him. When I did I would put him in the house or let him sit in the truck while I was gone. He did not follow vehicles down the road.

The day he disappeared I had put him in the house as I was going with a neighbour to fix the tractor across town. Before I was picked up Dave came out with his two dogs and Gage came too. Instead of putting him in again I firgured he would not follow the truck and would stay with the other dogs and Dave. This figured to be a fatal mistake.

The best explanation as to what had happened to Gage is that a neighbour shot him. He started to follow the truck when I left but did not cross the hill in the road just after a neighbour's gate.

At the time another neighbour was there having just finished unloading some firewood. We waved as is the custom here. He left right behind us with his tractor and wagon. and Gage followed him, probably with encouragement. Certainly, he was not discouraged or send home.

Dave saw the dog follow the tractor. A short time later Dave heard a shot. (Dave does not always get things very clear.)

This neighbour who lives about a mile away has a long history of shooting dogs. I know of half a dozen he has shot near his place. I always worried about my dogs and did everything to discourage them from taking the road toward town.

Why would a person do this when he knows that the dog is a beloved pet? Because he can and can get away with it. Some people just like to exercise their ultimate control over things and see them die. I have know this person for over 30 years and never held him in high regard for a long list of reasons. He is a rural low life.

In the country there are many people that have little regard for animal life. It is one of the things about living in such a backwater rural area that does not recommend it. Particularly, for a person like myself who considers all life sacred and people having a special responsibility toward protecting animals and wild life. Whenever such life is taken, as in hunting or trapping it is best done our of necessity, skillfully and with reverence. I have found professional hunters and trappers, for the most part behave this way.

It would be nice to think that Gage would suddenly appear after being lost in the bush but this will not happen. I have met personally with the dog catcher who has promised to call if he is turned in with the human society as a stray.

My grief will be long with me. My wonderful memory of our short life together will warm my heart and bring a smile to my lips, more so as time passes.

Sometime from now I will look for a gentle giant of a dog who needs a home and a human companion and try again.

Once again, Thanks, for you expression of concern in the comments.


At 9:03 p.m., Blogger edifice rex said...

Well, I can think of a very long list of horrible things I would like to bestow on that man but will try to hold my tongue as that will not really help things. I knew a person like this once also who shot a beloved family dog we had when I was young, so I can understand your frustration and hurt. You have my deepest sympathy, Philip.

At 10:23 p.m., Blogger KGMom said...

Oh Philip--I am without words.
I opened your blog, intending to just catch up--and I read the dread headline of your post.
And then your re-creating the events that led up to Gage's death.
There is absolutely nothing to say that speaks to the loss you feel.
Sleep well, brave Gage.

At 11:42 p.m., Blogger Loretta said...

Phillip, I am so sorry. I was praying he would come back home. All I will say is I would hate to be that horrible, vile man when it comes time to answer for killing one of Gods creatures. You will be in my prayers.

At 12:37 a.m., Blogger Janet said...

Oh, Philip, I'm so sorry to hear about this. I haven't read blogs since Thursday so I didn't know he was missing. This is so awful. I had a neighbor who was in the habit of leaving out various poisons (antifreeze, rat poison) and I lost 2 dogs and another friend lost 3 and at least one other neighbor lost 2. The sheriff refused to do anything because we had no "proof." Finally my friend Dave (who lost 3) let it be known that he was cleaning his shotgun and if one more dog died, he wouldn't hesitate to use it. Magically, the poisonings stopped. But the dogs died in agony. My Elly suffered for 3 days before the vet said he couldn't do anything else for her. It is so, so hard, and I wish I could be there with you at this time. They are like children in so many ways. Please take care. Sending many hugs for you.

At 4:17 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hugs and warm thoughts.
Through your blog you allowed me to get to know Gage, to love his sweet nature and to share in his patience with the runt and Junes little dot of a dog. :o)
You allowed me to love him as if he were my own and you allowed me to share him with my children who share a caring nature with yourself.
For all of this I thank you.
More hugs as you can never have too many. x

At 9:30 a.m., Blogger Anvilcloud said...

It's so sad that some people have that kind of attitude. I cannot come to grips with killing and hunting as sport. You gave Gage a good home and life, and I hope you find another companion and that it works out better.

At 4:09 p.m., Blogger Rhea said...

Dogs, as you know, are the sweetest creatures. I am so sorry.

At 5:39 p.m., Blogger Ginnie said...

I fail to comprehend how people like this exist...but I know that they do. I pray that Gage didn't suffer and know that he treasured his time with you.

At 12:49 a.m., Blogger Gattina said...

I better don't write down what I feel about this "person" you computer would explode ! Of course I don't know if it is possible but if I were you I would storm in his farm or whatever hole he lives in and ask him if he had shot your dog I would do it with a baseball bat ! I hate people who don't respect animals. When I was 8 years old I took the whip from a farmer and slapped him in the face like a little fury because he had whipped his tired horse. It made a scandal in the whole village !

At 8:00 a.m., Blogger Old Wom Tigley said...

I feel your loss Philip... :O(

At 8:51 a.m., Blogger Gretchen said...

I am so sorry. The not knowing for sure is the worst.

I have to look at evil like that "human" is as karma waiting to happen. For his unbelievable cruelty, he will receive it back three times. It's the way things balance out.

Know I care.

At 6:26 a.m., Blogger Mary said...


I am so sorry that Gage was shot. What a cruel thing to do. My sincere sympathies in the passing of your beloved Gage.


At 7:10 a.m., Blogger amelia said...

Oh How I detest the human race somtimes!

You are so right about the people here and the way they treat their animals. It just breaks my heart. I, also, would do some very uncharitable things to these folks if I could.

People think my hubby and I are the crazy ones for loving them.


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