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Tossing Pebbles in the Stream

This blog is my place to sit and toss pebbles into the stream. The stream of Life relentlessly passing before us. We can affect it little. For the most part I just watch it passing and follow the flow. Occasionally, I need to comment on its passing, tossing a pebble at it to enjoy the ripple affect upon Life's surface.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Beginning of a New America. . .Perhaps

It was interesting to see Barack Obama pass the finish line in the US primary race. It is an historic occasion that an African American has completed the journey from the back of the bus to the head of the parade as a designated candidate for President.

I was saddened to hear the contrasting speeches of Obama and Clinton. Hillary Clinton failed to be a graceful loser. While Obama spoke of a high minded vision for the Nation and praised Hillary Clinton for her historic run for the nomination she refused to clearly acknowledge his victory with an immediately move to support him. Instead she gave a self serving speech about her being the best candidate. While she declared how worthy she was Obama was declaring how worthy the Nation can be in the future by overcoming the dismal years of the Bush administration. This has often been the temper of the campaign: for her, the fulfilling of her long ambition to become President; for him, a changed vision for the Nation in which Americans can fulfill a dream by reasserting their more idealistic ideals.

Hillary Clinton appeared sad as she stood on the platform, praising herself while the train of history was pulling out of the station. It is past time she got on the train or just quietly take the bus home.

A footnote on my previous post.

The Canadian Parliament did pass a resolution urging the government to make it possible for US war resisters to stay in Canada. The three opposition parties united to out vote the government side of the house. For an article on this read,


At 3:45 p.m., Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Perhaps. Let's hope. It's good about the resisters bill too.

At 12:45 a.m., Blogger Gattina said...

I would have appreciated Hillary by far ! she has experience and knows everybody outside America and Barak knows it, he needs her for foreign politics ! She could introduce him to the Queen till the Russian president going through the Vatican !
It's still not too late for her she can try next time !

At 9:11 a.m., Blogger Peggy said...

Sadly there isn't anyone running for President I want to vote for BUT.. I disagree with your take on Hillary. She put a smile on her face and said she wouldn't make any decissions that night. How hurt she must feel to have beat Barak in the peoples votes to lose in the delagates votes. I feel Barak is right up there with the anti Christ but that is my thoughts which are worth as much as everyone elses... zero. So how are the pigs doing? Any new baby rabbits?

At 10:55 a.m., Blogger Janet said...

I originally supported Sen. Clinton, but she so often was in attack mode I eventually switched to Sen. Obama, and voted for him in the primary. If our primary had been earlier I may not have. (We're in a small, primarily Republican precinct. My husband and I were 2 of the 7 people who voted for Obama. I'm VERY curious to meet the other 5!) I really felt that Clinton could have been more concerned about the issues and less concerned about what Obama was saying and doing. I think they should have gotten together early on and run as a team (toss a coin for who gets to be VP), but it's too late for that, despite all the urging. They could never work together properly now.
And no offense to Peggy, but after 8 years of the complete and total economic, environmental, diplomatic, and political destruction that George "born-again Christian" Bush has wrought upon our country, even if Barack Obama IS the anti-Christ he has to be an improvement. McCain is just a Bush clone. I saw a bumper sticker that read: "McCain: Bush's Third Term."

At 7:03 p.m., Blogger Judy said...

Hi from Kentucky! I found your blog through Rachel's. I guess I am one of the few that voted for Barak from here since the entire state voted for Hillary. I think if he chooses her for his vice presidential candidate he would be making a big mistake! I enjoyed reading your blog.

At 12:19 a.m., Blogger Navigator said...

I think your comments about Hillary are focussing on the window dressing that goes along with a competitive campaign (whose polite, whose not). I think she was the better candidate. I didn't think that at the beginning, but I just could not warm up to Obama. And it is naive to believe that it is all about the nation and not the individual. I would say, in fact, that Obama has shown far more naked ambition than Hillary given his rise in politics from nothing to really not a lot to show for his brief periods in the legislatures of the state and the nation. Hillary paid her dues long before we ever heard of Obama. However, now that he has the right to the challenge for his party, I hope he beats McCain.


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