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Tossing Pebbles in the Stream

This blog is my place to sit and toss pebbles into the stream. The stream of Life relentlessly passing before us. We can affect it little. For the most part I just watch it passing and follow the flow. Occasionally, I need to comment on its passing, tossing a pebble at it to enjoy the ripple affect upon Life's surface.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Female Problem's

Heidi has just come through her second yearly heat cycle for this years. Not as successfully as I had intended.

When Heidi is in heat I take great pains to defend her "honour". I go outside with her, keep her on a short lease and run interference with the lovely Golden Retriever male dog next door who like to pursue her when she is "in season".

Well, I failed her this time! I left the cellar door closed but unlatched and Hunter, the male canine from next door pushed it open and let Heidi out for a romp. When I realized this the hunt was on. I called a neighbour for some help and we drove toward town and found them about a quarter of a mile away. I returned Heidi to the house to only have Hunter do this trick a second time. This time he pushed open the front door of the house. We located them in a neighbour's yard half a mile away.

Did the deed get done? Was Heidi willing to "stand for" this handsome canine. ( Can't help using that expression without remember a neighbour when I was a child who spent a lot of her time shouting at her five kids and husband, that she was "not going to stand for it any more". I wonder what she meant by it? Then and now!)

I phoned the vet for some advice. The vet tech I spoke with had only spaying on her mind. My inquiries about a morning after pill for dogs got no reply. Remembering my days of abortion counseling I asked if they ever used an injection of prostaglandins. I don't think she knew what I was talking about. I finally agreed to a day for spaying the dog being unprepared to deal with a bunch of cross bred pups.

I took the dog into the vet expecting her to be spayed only to have a discussion with the vet this time. No there is no morning after pill. Yes, prostaglandins could be used but there are side effects. (I had in the meantime refreshed my knowledge of this drug, which was experimental when I first heard of it, and found it was no longer being used with any regularity to induce late term abortions, in women. I had already ruled it out for Heidi.) Between the vet and my faulty memory of the date spotting began, he figured Heidi would not have stood for the male dog. Ther would have been no romantic "latching". I was relieved but still worried. The vet still advised spaying Heidi (and so he should since it costs $500 and an additional $111 is she was pregnant.) I relented and we set up a date for the spaying after Heidi heat cycle ended. I took her home to wait for July 27, the day of the operation.

The day after I got her home, Hunter was no longer interested in her. My memories of her dates must have been off, too much wishful thinking.

I think Heidi knows something is up. She is a little quieter than usual, or am I feeling guilty. Maybe it is just the heat (sorry! a double entendre joke).

I spend several times each day sitting on the porch swing with Heidi, consoling her; more likely, trying to make myself feel better about my role in her having the surgery.

I hate it when Heidi assumes this pose as if she is training for the position she will be in when she has her surgery.

Is she hugging the pillow to comfort herself?

I will be glad when it is all over. I know! I know! if will be better when she is finally spayed.

I can't help remembering that this is the vet that killed June's tea cup poodle with some medication. . . . . . Let's not go there. Banish the thought.


At 8:13 p.m., Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Let's hope she's not with pups and that the operation goes smoothly.

I can't help but this that Heidi getting out in the country is better than the neighbours pit bulls continuing to escape in the city. However, they seem to be more firmly shut in since the boys were visited by a guy in a blue uniform.

At 9:41 p.m., Blogger KGMom said...

Philip--well, you answered my immediate question: wasn't she spayed.
I hope you can relax. Our new dog was already spayed when we got her, but she is young, and I can still see her scar. The incision looked about 1 inch long--very very small. So, while yes it is surgery, I think it is not so drastic a procedure anymore.
Sounds like you doing a whole lot of projecting on Heidi. You may feel bad for her, but she is unaware. Just take good care of her, as I know you will.

At 10:32 p.m., Blogger Ginnie said...

How well I remember trying to keep our beautiful Samoyed inside when she was in heat. No luck and we had three sets of half-breeds over the years that we had her. Her name was Aphrodite and how appropriate it was ! We finally gave her to a family who was settling on a big farm in West Virginia and I hope that she was spayed. My husband, who was so liberal in so many ways, was against having his animals "fixed" as he called it.

At 11:18 p.m., Blogger Loretta said...

Good Luck Heidi! It will be such a relief to you not to worry about her gentlemen callers!

At 2:41 p.m., Blogger Peggy said...

Give Heidi a bug hug and kiss for me. I know she is sad but its for the best. I have a new puppy thats prys. and Karakachans. Have found a puppy her age that will breed her when she is old enough. These are great herd dogs and Tinker is already showing how smart she is. I want her to have one litter then she will be spayed too. Don't feel bad. Heidi will be fine in a few days.

At 8:43 p.m., Blogger amelia said...

Heidi will be fine and I know the vet you are talking about and I'm not too keen myself. They have some new lady vets who we have used successfully, maybe you could have one of them. I'm sure though that they will take the greatest care of Heidi for you. At least she won't have to go through being in heat for the rest of her life. From one female to another, it's no fun!!!
We have always had our pets spayed or neutered, even our eight cats were all done as they came to live with us and we've never had a bad experience. I hope you don't either.
I'll have you both in my thoughts on the 27th...

At 5:02 p.m., Anonymous Berni said...

Where theres a will theres a way, any how there was with our dog. We had a female Newfie, as you know a large dog, and she came in her first heat before we were aware. It was only the handsome black lab from around the corner hovering outside her pen that made us realize that we should guard her more closely. However in spite of the extra guarding and bringing into out mud room at night, she did get pregnant by a the neighboring Corgi who must have burrowed under her pen under our radar as we had an eye out for bigger dogs. The hussy didn't stand for him she must have lain down.

At 2:41 p.m., Blogger judie said...

Ah, dear Philip, it is best for Heidi's long term health. Dogs get female cancers, and now you are taking away a huge risk factor. It's a good thing, I promise! Re the cost. Don't you have an SPCA in Canada? Usually, they can do the spaying less expensive. Anyhow, all will be well. As for the "position", you KNOW she just wants her belly rubbed,dad!

At 2:43 p.m., Blogger possum said...

Poor baby, Poor Philip, too!
But she will be better off after the surgery, and you will too, not having to fight for her honor anymore! LOL!
We always have our cats neutered, be they boys or girls. Don't want one of our fellas shot for being naughty with Mz Beasley's pussy cat that she didn't get fixed!!!!

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